Plus Token Super mobile online wallet

New Global revolution mobile wallet to store your crypto currency. Mobile wallet for Android and iOS (Download with your mobile phone only. This app cannot download with your desktop PC).

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Download Mobile Crypto wallet 2.3.1
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Plus Token mobile

Plus Token is an online mobile wallet to store your crypto currency with profit sharing concept.

Plus token wallet is like and online wallet. However our super wallet will let you earn interest (profit sharing concept). 6-18% monthly profit allocate to your wallet. The AI- dogs arbitrage system, the exchange profit, mining income and referral benefits will share certain percentage with the users.

What is Plus Token Wallet?

Plus token multi-currency wallet allow users to store 8 major crypto coins: Pluscoin, Bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, Litecoin,  XRP,, Doge coin and Dash coin. The wallet have 10 layers of crypto security protection.

The technical team of Plus token takes the user’s safety as the first thing and provides a safe and comfortable using environment for global users.

  1. Private key: Every user will own an exclusive private key.
  2.  Decoding techniques of multi signature, safety password
  3.  Full time security team with full responsibility: The members are coming from South Korea block chain field.
Why Plus Token Price continue UP?

Plus Token Eco Circle: Demand of Plus Token continuously increase caused token price increase. Below are various types of demand:

  1. Trading fee 0.2%
  2. Payment processor fee 0.2%
  3. Blockchain Games (pay with Plus)
  4. Mining machine 1 million pcs (use Plus Token buy)
  5. STO exchange (50% trading fee pay to affiliate)
  6. Diamond and VIP (holding $50K to $100K value Plus Token)
  7. Global business application
  8. Cryptocurrency lending income
  9. AI-Dog
  10. Continuously buy back Plus Token till 100 million token left.
  11. Miner fee (use Plus token pay)
  12. Forever trading fee sharing for user holding 300 plus

The Plus Token Wallet App APPS

Once you’ve download the Plus wallet App (allow enable ios or android mobile download)  1) select language at the bottom left and click “register” icon at upper right 2) scroll down and waiting for few minutes and tick membership agreement. 3) The next step is choose your country code with click the default +86 icon and enter your mobile number. Fill up the necessary info such as member ID (your phone number without country code), Password, trading password and referral number (my sponsor number/recommend code:

  • Do not join at this moment. Waiting for official announcement

Thanks 4) Fit the Puzzle piece verification 5) Important: write down 4 set of mnemonic words ( or screenshot). Remember the sequence of the words 6) Verification  sequence of the mnemonic words 7) Copy or save the private key (very important write down). 8) Done! Back to the wallet.

For my team member only I will provide support how to top up wallet and open ai-dog instruction in details. After registration with my sponsor number (Do not join at this moment. Waiting for official announcement)

drop me an email

XRP in Plus wallet

Plus token wallet team income sources:

  • AI-Dog intelligent Arbitrage moving brick robot’s profit (Note: Minimum deposit USD500 worth of the above coin (per coin type) in order to activate AI-Dog).
  • Own internal crypto exchange (Sept 2018)
  • OTC
  • Token exchange
  • and more

How to earn? Plus token wallet

Hooray! Instead of keeping your token in your online wallet or exchange wallet, it is better to keep in Plus token mobile wallet to gain profit. This can reduce the loss of profit when your coin/token down in the marketplace. When the coin market price increase, you will gain more than others.

For example you keep one bitcoin in the wallet, you will get USD650 per month average if the price of bitcoin is USD6500. If you refer a friend to join with one bitcoin too, you will get what she earn 100%. In this case he will get $650 per month and you will get $650 per month too (direct line).

Please take note that minimum USD500+ worth of token or maximum USD50,000 shall put into the wallet in order to take the profit sharing, referral program and more. Otherwise, it is just the normal wallet like and coinpayments.

payment period 12.00pm (GMT+8) to 12.00am (GMT*8). Please remember the cut off time is 12am (GMT=8). If you deposit before 12am (Singapore time), you will get pay the next day. How to check payment arrive? Click the Earnings icon in profile section and click the Plus icon in asset page to refresh or logout and login again. Earnings calculation will appear first and asset will be update later after all earnings being input to the system.

Total ETH in Plus Token wallet

First Day Profit

AI-Dog Intelligent

OUR ROADMAP - Jeju, South Korea Jeju, South Korea

Development planning

2018 Feb – South Korea launches 15000 ETH private offerings.

2018 April – PlusToken open permissions for multiple countries.

2018 Sept – Currency trading is online (Beta for VIP testing).

2019 May – Launch of Plus Global Business Cooperation. Industrial application.

2020 June – A total of 500 million plus, 300 million of which are pre-excavated. The pre-sale plan of the mining machine is opened in advance. The specific time is subject to the announcement.

2021 June – Building the most popular digital asset wallet in South Korea and the world.

On June 30, 2022, or when the target user data exceeds 10 million, plusToken will stop using the smart dog function for newly registered users after June 30, 2022. And the old users will continue to use and enjoy all the promotional benefits for two years until June 2024.

All plus Token users continue to receive a 50% bonus on the transaction fees they promote.

Powered by a Team Our Strength

  1. AI-Dog intelligent Arbitrage moving brick robot. 2) Latest technology multi currency wallet. 10 layer protection. 3) 6% – 19% revenue sharing monthly 4) Strong motivated team 5) Sponsor revenue 100% for direct sponsor members and 10% for level 2 and below members
  2. Market Plan for active user who want to make money. Click HERE
Plus Token Leader
Plus Token
Plus Token Co-Founder
Mr Leo

Plus token mining machine calculator Live

Plus Token Mining calculator

Europe Roadshow

Plus Leadership meeting at Jeju, Korea

Plus Token Historical Price Trend
㊙ Plus Token Price Historical Trend
Year 2018.05.01: 0.4$
2018.07.05:4.37 $
2018.10.07 :  14.87 $
2018.10.08 :  15.017$
2018.10.09 :  15.179$
2019.01.21:21.92$ – 24.92
2019.02.27:   40.56$
2019.05.02 76.19$ Updated
Plus Token Price at Uptrend. 📈📈📈

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Declaration We are Referral of Plus Token wallet program just like yours. is not the official site of Plus Token wallet. The official site is

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