For Apple iOs users – plus app login

For Apple iOs users only who cannot login to plus app today, the verification problem solved. please follow the steps:

1) uninstall plus app.

2) Install the new plus apps (please refer front page the download link)

3) go to setting then click device management and give trust to the plus app. Then login

Note: For version 2.3.1 you need to continuously few times login till login successfully.

Hope help. Android users no problem.

Official announcement from plus token 2019.02.09 as below:

Affected by the new policy of Apple Inc, most of the world’s platforms that use Apple’s signature encountered the phenomenon of failure of digital certificate, making it impossible to download and log in normally. Now it has returned to normal, please uninstall and conduct credit granting again. We are sorry for the inconvenience for Apple mobile phone users.



plusToken team