Important update from Plus Token

Hi all below is latest update from Plus Token. You can view the update at the first page of Plus app at the News section. Plus token is going to be Great for year 2019

1. The plus Token 2.3 Version will be updated on January 25, 2019. The update content of the 2.3 Version  is:

a.VIP, Diamond customers enters the mining mode. At this stage, the mining method is to adopt the contractual mining method and the intelligent cloud mining machine mechanism, so you need to manually match the mining machine with the app so as to link the data, the system obtains the HashRate according to your daily number of steps of the amount of exercise. The more the number of steps, the greater the HashRate and the more the number of mining. The PLUS obtained by the mining will be directly displayed in the mining revenue of the user’s income list. After the main network test phase of the plus Token main network ends up, the mining mechanism will be changed. At that time, the intelligent cloud mining machine will stop mining. The PLUS will adopt the M9 mining machine, with the self-developed power supply of 1050 watts and the HashRate of 16.59 TH/s, for mining. At the same time, the platform will assist all users in dealing with the PLUS asset main network mapping problem.

b. Open the mine owner to apply for permission. The mine owner can apply for Diamonds, while Diamonds can apply for VIP;

c. In order to increase users’ security and experience feeling, the 2.3 Version of open mailbox verification and add Google dual verification. After the wallet registration is completed, users can bind the mailbox and Google dual verification. If the users encounter the situation that SMS is not smooth, they can use the mailbox to verify Code or Google verification code for security verification;

d. The trading platform will open and charge money on January 28, 2019;

e. The currency transaction will open on January 29, 2019.

2. The plus Token 2.4 Version will be launched in March 2019. The 2.4 Version will make the wallet in the plus Token ecosystem a decentralized wallet. Users can import the private key into other decentralized wallets or import privately key into the plus Token wallet for transfer-in and transfer-out operations.

3. In June 2019, the game, payment, and mining machinery sections of the plus Token ecosystem will enter the IPO listing process independently.

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