Notice about version 2.4.2

Respected Plus Token users:

  1. In order to meet the demands of the Plus Token market value management team for market value management, the wallet exchange system suspends conversion from Plus to ETH, and open Plus to BTC. If the users have more conversion requirements, please transfer the Plus to the exchange for transaction.
  2. The Biron has passed the final test and will be launched soon. Biron is the Plus coin-coin function, which is a platform  built by Plus Token with many capitals and institutions around the world and an important part of Plus Token ecosystem, striving for meeting and solve the multi-faceted demands and experiences of users around the world and rebuilding the peer-to-peer loan trust mechanism.
  3. Since the Plus payment function was launched, it has won the trust and participation  of ten of thousands of merchants around the world. This update will increase the national currency of the automatic exchange rate conversion at the time of payment. The payment function of Plus token will make it easier and more flexible for users around the world, and it will be truly unstoppable way of consumption and payment without the limitation of national boundaries. At the same time, it will continue to improve to give users around the world a better experience.

Plus token team

May 27, 2019


Author opinion regarding above announcement:

  1. The wallet exchange system still can exchange Plus to BTC, EOS and XRP. We think this is to encourage users to use Plus’ own exchange and preparation for the mainnet launch.
  2. “Biron” means Crypto loan financing that will be launch soon. This will be an huge potential because only one or two company for example provide crypto credit line to users. We expect more Plus token will be need for the loan collateral.
  3. Try the “Payment” function at the app profile page top left hand side. This function is easier to use for both merchant and user. Besides, more nation currency exchange rate will be added. This is a preparation for merchant world wide use Plus token app for transaction.