Notice from Korea Plus token community 2019.07.11 (Thursday)

Regarding PsEx and Plus token wallet login problem and rumors

  • There are news about 6 Chinese been arrested in Vanuatu is a fact. However they are Plus Token users just like you and me but NOT Plus token’s founder. They being arrested not because of Plus Token but other issues. Thus, no need bother about this rumors.
  • From today morning Korea time we cannot login to Plus token wallet and PsEX. From 21.00 we can login PsEx using PC version but not for PsEx app mobile version because still unstable. Please waiting until server synchronization and stabilization. This situation may repeated these few days. Don’t worry.
  • Please don’t worry your wallet cannot login. Technical team had try to recover the server and data. The delay in optimization is because of many users login and exchange Plus transaction previously and caused the data and backup data different and cannot match. This increase the difficulties of optimization. Thus, technical team from today 2019.07.11 close the login function for data calculation and matching process. We know users are worry about their wallet, but in order to make it fast the optimization progress, please avoid to login. After confirm can login, Plus community Korea will give you notice.
  • The Plus wallet and PsEx are gradually repairing and improving but still in the process of testing. Thus, we will notify you all when the test is finalized and confirmed.
  • Once again, please do not login frequently because this will affect technical team optimization works. We will notify you once the servers are confirm stable. Please be patient. They will cross check the asset movement and server status.
  • Lastly please ignore those fake rumors regarding Plus token. The Korea community will give notice based on facts.


Note: This notice given by Korea Plus community. This is not official announcement. Translate to your preferred languages.

Please waiting for the official announcement coming soon. Stay tune.

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