Plus token announcement 2019.02.03

Dear users,

1. The 2.3.1 Version has been optimized. To ensure and enhance the security of your plusToken wallet assets, please ensure that the phone number is authentic when you register and bind your email address as soon as possible. It is recommended that you should complete Google verification. After completing your real-name authentication, you must enter your system settings at first time to select your login authentication method and transfer verification method.

2. The 2.3.1 Version will send 7 million candy for the mine owners, diamonds and VIPs in a non-scheduled way. The first round of delivery will be at 21:00 on February 3, Singapore time. Please pay attention to your candy page. All candies will be delivered by August 1, 2019.

3. The mining machines of global users are dispatched urgently. The hashrate of a single intelligent cloud mining machine is mainly derived from two indicators: a. the hushrate sum of the total step number of all the mining machine users in the world. b. the hushrate of step number of individual mining machines. The mining revenue is in direct proportion to the two indicators. We hope that all plus Token users around the world will gain more assets while they are healthy.

4. PsEx transaction has been online, and the beginning of the online is constantly improving. If it brings a bad experience, please understand. Since the BTC trading area of the PsEx exchange has already opened the BTC and PLUS transactions, users who need to exchange the PLUS can operate directly on the exchange, and the plusToken wallet will stop using other assets for exchanging the PLUS.

5.In June, 2019, the game, payment, and mining machinery sectors in the plusToken ecosystem will be independent and will enter the IPO listing process. At that time, some of the preferred stocks will be opened for the Great God users.

plusToken team