Plus Token Announcement 2019.02.16

1. In order to improve the security and experience feeling of the users’ accounts, all users must verify the SMS, verify the email address, and perform login authentication settings. It is also suggested that you should complete Google verification.

2. A new round of candy distribution will be conducted at 19:00 on February 15th, Singapore time.

3. The PsEx transaction will begin to calculate trading commissions for users whose levels are above the mine owner on February 26, and the trading commission will be settled once a day.

4. When the plusToken users transfer the digital assets to the PsEx exchange, they will enjoy a 40% discount on the miners’ fees. Diamonds and VIPs enjoy 70% discount.

plusToken team



At around 21:00 on February 15th, Singapore time, there were phenomenon when users in very few countries logged into the app, the data exchange was not smooth. After the urgent adjustment and the updating of the network node by the technical team, it has been fully restored.  We apologize for the bad experiences that were brought to every user.

plusToken team