Plus Token Announcement January 10, 2019

1. The recent data update of wallet and trading platform will affect the delayed payment of earnings. Don’t worry. It will not affect the users’ earnings. After the update, it will return to normal. As for the inconvenience that the update will bring, please understand.

2. The recharge function of the PsEx trading platform will be opened recently. Currently, the trading platform has been launched. In order to provide the users a better experience, the final update still needs to be made. Therefore, the open recharge function is delayed. Through the unremitting efforts of the technical team, the function will be fully opened in about a week. Please maintain your attention.

3. As for the distribution of candy, so far 12 million PLUS have been distributed, and the distribution method of the remaining 8 million is: 1 million will be distributed to the users who open the safe net for the first time (the system will select the users at random). 7 million will be distributed to users who will apply to become VIPs, diamond users, and mine owners before August 1, 2019, which will be distributed several times a month. All of the 7 million PLUSs will be distributed before August 1, 2019.

4. As for the application of the mine owner, the user who have 300 PLUS candies can apply to become a mine owner, which can be revoked freely after 12 months. The owner’s rights and interests.

a: enjoy the permanent distribution mechanism of transaction fee on the trading platform;

b: the mining mode will be opened in 2020, but the mining equipment is only open to all mine owners;

c: enjoy the “7 million PLUS candy activity” which will be delivered before August 1, 2019 .

5. VIP and diamond users can get the mining equipment given by the platform and enter the mining mode in advance in January 2019. At this stage, the mining method is to adopt the contract mining method and intelligent cloud mining machine mechanism, you need to match the linked data with the app by manual operation so as to start mining, the PLUS obtained by the mining will directly be displayed in the mining earnings in the earnings list.

6. The plusToken main network has now entered the test phase. When the main network is officially launched after the test phase, the mining mechanism will be changed. At that time, the intelligent cloud mining machine will not be able to continue mining. PIUS will adopt the M9 mining machine with a Hash computing power of 16.59 TH/s for mining, which is self-developed with the power supply of 1050 watts. At the same time, the platform will assist all users in dealing with PLUS asset main network mapping issues.

7. 30% of the platform’s quarterly profit is used for repurchase PLUS, 0x87263f0a64004586CC4BCDc93d76ae0ADFBCD345 is the platform’s repurchase address. This address is only transferred in and not transferred out. Until the total amount of market circulation remains at 100 million PLUS, the repurchase work will stop. After the main network is launched, the PLUS of this address will be mapped to the plusToken main network for public destruction.


Plus Token team



Sources: Plus Token App (Please refer your App News section)