Plus token app version 2.4

Comments from Author:

  1. Please don’t upgrade to version 2.40 because still in optimization process.
  2. New version will have a “Decentralized wallet” and “Centralized wallet” which is what we use now 2.3.1 version. Decentralized wallet is just a wallet for you to keep BTC only (more coins will adding soon). You must keep your private key in a safe place. If you lost the private key, nobody can help you. Decentralized wallet is just like imtoken or Exodus wallet.
  3. We strongly suggest that remain current version 2.3.1 until further notice. Current version 2.3.1 is more stable. If the app ask you to click update to 2.40, please click cancel till further notice.

Below is the official announcement:

In order to consider the global users’ experience without any influence, without any change of the existing user operation method and using habits, the system distinguishes the “decentralized” sections of the wallet to form a centralized smart wallet area and a decentralized wallet area. When each user uses the decentralized wallet system, it is necessary for them to re-register the decentralized wallet account on the corresponding page of the wallet (if you have a decentralized wallet asset private key, you can also import it directly into your plusToken decentralized wallet). When registering, the BTC address and mnemonic words and private key generated by your account are generated on the BTC main chain. Since the platform cannot save and modify any of your information, please save the mnemonic words and the private key as soon as the registration is completed. It is recommended to save in a secure environment and conduct multiple backups. If a user loses his phone, experiences failure of the phone, or quits the decentralized wallet system without saving the mnemonic words and private key in advance, the assets will be permanently lost and cannot be retrieved. Here, we solemnly remind all users that once such situation happens, no one can be responsible for your assets.

Considering that there is a need of a step-by-step cultivation process for part of users’ safety awareness, using habits and expertise towards decentralized wallet, the platform temporarily opens the BTC and then will gradually open other currencies.

If you need to open the Ai–dog of the plusToken’s decentralized wallet, you need to transfer the asset to the centralized smart wallet address before you open it.

plusToken team