Plus token Beta 3.0 app fake or real?

On April 29, 2020, a plus token app appears in the market. Technically some bugs appears in the app. This is a testing version (beta). No update yet your previous plus properties.

Fake or real?

Our team already test the app.
1) Can deposit usdt, eth and withdraw with decentralised wallet such as imtoken. Use private key inside the app to create coin address in imtoken.
2) cannot withdraw usdt directly because need plus token as fee.
3) use usdt buy Dc (Digital currency).
4) confirm is decentralised wallet app.
5) No update your previous plus token money yet into the wallet. (No synchronize yet).


DO NOT download the beta 3 app or login until further notice because worry of loss your fund or money. Thus, i will not post download link here.

Anyway hopefully this is real plus token app in beta. No official announcement from plus token yet.