Plus Token deposit limit USD$50000

From November 18, 2018 onward, Plus Token official site announced deposit limit maximum USD50000 per account.

Our opinion: This rules is to reduce the speculators who deposit million of dollars into account. Thanks

Below are Extract and summarize from Plus Token announcement:

1) Plus member maximum USD50,000 per account

2) VIP and diamond member maximum USD100,000 per account

3) All user have to recheck the EOS address while transfer EOS into wallet. And check your label to avoid error.

4) VIP and Diamonds user can get mining machine which can mine until 300 million Plus mining is completed.

5) In order to increase the users experience and smoothness, the platform will deploy nodes in the world largest service providers such as Amazon, Aliyun, and Github so as to improve the security and fluent usage.

6) The 2.2 version will add face recognition verification during the process of coin withdrawal (coming soon).

7) The Plus Token American Foundation announced that would start the coin “blending” function, that is, the function of coin blending of plus.