Plus Token – How to open AI Dog robot, add fund, withdrawal in details

Some plus wallet users do not understand how to deposit, add fund daily and withdrawal the profit. Their sponsor shall teach them. I’m here try to write all the details based on my experience, to make things easier for the users.

How to add crypto currencies into Plus wallet?

  1. Open plus token wallet click the icon logo for crypto you want to deposit. For instance ETH – Click asset click ETH.
  2. Click “turn in” button. Copy the deposit address (double check the address after paste) and paste into the 3rd party wallet or exchange you want to withdraw the crypto and deposit into plus wallet. Note 1: XRP and EOS need to fill up tag / label. For deposit  XRP or EOS into plus wallet, write 111111. For withdrawal XRP from Plus to exchange, please ask the 3rd party exchange regarding the label you need to fill. Note 2: whether you are deposit or withdraw XRP, please make sure your balance XRP must maintain minimum 20XRP.
  3. Normally your ETH will be reach Plus wallet within one hour. However major crypto exchanges may take longer time to process, before deposit into plus wallet. If you transfer during peak hour or hot hour, it may take longer time to reach.

Alternative way to deposit cryptos into your account:

  1. Buy Plus token at Plus’s own exchange and transfer to plus wallet. The pstoex exchange password same with the Plus token account. Note: must key-in start with www.
  2. Click Plus app icon Plus. Click button “turn in”. Copy the address and paste into withdrawal section for Plus token. Please check the address after paste. Plus token is ERC20 token, so the address same with ETH start with 0x……………. . And click send.
  3. When Plus token arrived at Plus wallet. Click Plus icon and click middle bottom icon “exchange”. 1) Key in total plus token you want to exchange 2) App will calculate automatically how many eth you will get. 3) key in  transaction password and click “exchange”. Your plus token will immediately exchange to ETH.
  4. Important Note: Version 2.4.1 app allow you to change to BTC, ETH, XRP and EOS. You can scroll down (top right) to choose the cryptos you would like to exchange.

How to Activate AI-Dog robot

  1. Now you got minimum USD500 cryptos inside the wallet.
  2. Go to app’s profile page. Click top right hand side AI-Dog logo.
  3. Choose the crypto you want to deposit. Note: USD500 minimum per ONE TYPE of crypto, not combination of cryptos, You can open / enable AI Dog for each type of crypto with combined maximum amount of deposit are USD50,000 per user account. Note: One person one account.
  4. Click right hand side the crypto you want to enable AI-Dog.
  5. Key in total quantity of eth for example you want to use to activate AI robot and key in your transaction password. and click OK.

How to add fund or compound daily profit without close AI dog?

  1. Now you already open AI dog robot. You no need close Ai Dog if you want to add fund daily or weekly. Just click LEFT hand side of the crypto logo you want to add. (Note: before that your profit in terms of Plus token must change to eth, btc, eos or xrp as mentioned above. Fee 0.20% plus).
  2. Thus click the eth logo left hand side which you already open AI. You will see a picture with three column. Go to third column and key in the quantity of eth you want to add fund. Then Click “+” icon. You are done.
  3. Go back to asset page and check your eth already deducted. That’s it.


Withdrawal of your profit and cryptos

Plus token allow you to take out your fund anytime (no lock concept). If less than 28 days, the fee is 5%. If you close your AI Dog more than 28 days, the fee is 1%.

  1. Go to profile page and click “AI-Dog” logo. Then click on right hand side of the coin you would like to close (Disable AI Dog). In seconds your fund will go to your wallet “asset” page.
  2. Click on the fund (crypto) you want to withdraw. Then click “roll out” icon at the bottom left hand side.
  3. Copy the address from external wallet / exchange, and paste into Plus wallet withdrawal address column. Important Note: Please make sure the address is correct after paste.
  4. Key in the quantity of the coin you want to withdraw and the transaction password. Click OK, you are well done. Note: sometimes you need to try twice when system heavy traffic. As long as the coin you want to withdraw was deducted, you are done.
  5. Waiting the fund reach your external wallet or exchange. It may take few minutes to a day depends on the btc, eth network congestion condition (peak hour). Try to choose non peak hour which market btc, eth, or other coins market volumn were low. (Look at the hourly chart of respective coin).

to be continue……

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