Plus Token income sources and total token distribution

Plus token foundation – decentralized trading platform. 50% trading profit will be distribute within the active users and affiliates permanently.
This is due to decentralized trading platform will be operate automatically and free from manual management and any human factors, so the trading commission will be given permanently.

Total Plus tooken issued: 500,000,000 Plus
Pre-mined volume: 300,000,000 Plus
Total circulating: 200,000,000 Plus
Enterprise cooperation: 10% of plus
Technical team: 20% of plus
Total token circulating in market: 70% or 140,000,000 plus

1) Plus token use as the whole business model transaction token, so this means all users and affiliates need to use Plus token. When many people holding and buy plus, the price will increase.
The business model include Plus wallet payment processor, games, OTC, coin exchange and more.

2) All the plus users will be pay miner fee once she would like to transfer out her crypto from the wallet.
This means that all the users need to buy plus token in order to do withdrawal.

3) The decentralized trading platform will be use Plus token only as transaction fee.
4) The platform every quater profit 30% will be use to buy back Plus token and destroy. Destroy will be done openly on blockchain until total supply level at 100,000,000 Plus Token.
This means that the total plus coin’s volume will be reduce and price will be increase.

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