Plus Token leadership training Q&A

PlusToken active user and leaders training Question and answer:
1. Where is the plus token technology come from? What are the four major functions of PLUS Token?
Answer: South Korea’s Wallet technical team. Cold/offline wallet, international  payment processor, smart arbitrage and exchange technology.

2. What is the monthly income of the plustoken brick arbitrage? and income for each user?
Answer: Monthly arbitrage for the company is around 30%~60%. Profit sharing to users are 6%~18% per user per month.

3. What types of crypto-currencies does plus token currently support for smart dogs (AI-Dog)?

4. Minimum and maximum you need to open / enable a smart dog robot?
Answer: Minimum value of USD500 individual supported crypto-currency (per type) and maximum cap is 50,000 US dollars value of crypto in the wallet. One user one account and you need to do facial recognition verification.

5. What is the transaction fee that plus token earn that distribute to users? What is the specific commission distribute to active users for position level of Large user, big boy, and Great God?
Answer: 50% of trading fee earned will be distribute to Plus active users. For user who keep 300 plus token can enjoy the first to tenth layer of 5% commission. For VIP or diamond level can enjoy unlimited 5% of commission. Big Boy can gets unlimited layers of 10% commission, Great God position can takes unlimited layers of 15% commission.

6. What kind of crypto currency plus token support for international payment processor? Which types of legal currency are supported for conversion into mainstream currency transfer?
Answer: 9 crypto currencies: PLUS, BTC, ETH, XRP, DOGE, LTC, BCH, DASH, EOS. Supports four legal currencies: CNY (RMB), USD (US$), KRW (KRW) and JPY.

7. What is the smart dog moving bricks (arbitrage)?
Answer: In order to overcome the weakness of human nature, Plus use the robot to automatically search for the difference prices in real time in major exchanges around the world, and move bricks without the influence of the price of the currency, earning the real-time price difference price of each exchange. Note: moving bricks is a bit different with traditional arbitraging. In order to moving bricks between two exchanges, you need to have the cryptos or USD in two exchanges at the same time so that you can buy and sell  immediately. Unlike traditional arbitraging, you need to move the cryptos to another exchange to sell.

8. What requirements you need to apply for the plus token VIP and diamond position? What are the benefits of VIP and diamond users?
Answer: Keep $100,000 market value of  Plus token can apply for a VIP. Keep $50,000 value of PLUS can apply for the diamond position. The application will be officially valid after 28 days from the date of application. Since VIP and diamond users will distribute the mining machine, the mining machine obtained by the user has the right to continue to use until the 300 million PLUS mining is completed, so the application for VIP or diamond can be revoked after 12 months from the date of application. You can enjoy 1% of the comprehensive cost, miner fee, currency exchange fee, and transaction fee of 50%. The top 1000 will be given mining machine in advance, and the computing power will be less than half of the VIP.

9. How many tokens are issued by plus? How many of the tokens are circulating? What is the application scenario?
Answer: Total of 500 million pieces of Plus Token were issued. Circulating token is 70% of the 200 million is 140 million. Application scenario: first transaction fee; second miner fee; third commission settlement; fourth candy delivery; fifth VIP and diamond mechanism.

10. What is the current cash out method?
Answer: Inside the Plus App, you can exchange to ETH Ethereum and transfer it to major exchanges around the world to sell or P2P such as localbitcoins or remitano to sell and cash out.

11. What is the crypto currency exchange fee? What is the transfer fee?
Answer: The exchange fee from Plus to ETH is 0.2%. The transfer fee out from wallet to any external exchange requires 0.3 plus. Send Plus token to another Plus token wallet fee is zero.

12. How many foundations for plus token, and where are they?
Answer: There are two, the American PLUS Foundation and the Singapore PLUS Foundation.

13. Where can the plus token export private key and keep it? How to retrieve the forgotten password?

Answer: Go to the App “setting” in the profile and click “view private key” and you can retrieve the password with the private key. Go to the login page and click forgot password. Or you can ask your sponsor to contact support desk (Profile page and click contact us). Note: Plenty of users forgot password. Please set your password which easy to remember such as your car number, ID number or phone number. And please remember to save your private key and write in a piece of paper. Nobody can help you if you lost your private key because this is blockchain.

14. How to become a Large user, big boy, great God, and creation of world position?
Answer: Large user: The market value/total performance of these team of partners (within 10 layers) reaches total 200,000 US dollars. Big boy: 3 large users exist in 3 different lines within 10 levels. Great God: There are 3 big boys in 3 different lines within 10 layers. Creation of world: 3 Great Gods appear in 3 different lines within 10 levels.

15. What is the dividend of the position Creation of World?
Answer: Global total profit and bonus 5% and the annual dividend is 1.5 million US dollars.

16. Contact method if any problem?
Answer: Firstly, contact platform customer service in your app. Second, contact community customer service; and third contact your sponsor or group leader. 

17. What is the total of plus token bonus and how is it calculated? What causes downgrades and failure to get executive commissions?
Answer: Total dividends and bonus is 30.5%, and deduct comprehensive fee of 5%.  30.5% X95% = 28.975%; calculation method 10% (smart income) + 10% X100% (link revenue level 1) + 10% X10% X9 (link Income level 2-10) +10%X15% (executive commission) = 30.5%
Downgrade only if direct sponsor users who enable smart dogs less than or equal to 10.  Or total team performance is drop below qualified level. All these will result in no executive commission.

18. What is the repurchase plan launched by plus token?
Answer: The platform takes 30% of the profit per quarter and repurchases the plus token, and publicly destroys them, so that the total number of Plus token in the market will eventually reduced and remain at 100 million token.

19. What are the five benefits of plustoken?
Answer: First, major crypto currency increase income; Second, monthly AI-Dog brick moving income; Third, active user promote plus token income; Fourth, PLUS token increase income; and fifth, transaction fee dividend income.

20. Does the plus token lock your crypto in the wallet?
Answer: The crypto keep in the Plus token wallet is no locked, and you can withdraw anytime.

21. Which investment institutions have signed up with Plus Token?
Answer: Plus token has reached strategic cooperation with the signed an investment cooperation agreement with Silicon Valley Venture Fund, lldar of Dows Fund and Yi Dao. In this investment, PLUS TOKEN’s appraised achieves $5 billion, both from the digital currency market value and corporate valuation, which is in the forefront of the global digital money market.

22, If you disable smart dog moving bricks robot, how much the fee?
Answer: If your crypto keep in wallet less than 28 days, deduct 5%, deduct 1% if keep more than 28 days. New batch of crypto deposit is calculated based on the time and date you enable AI Dog robot.

23. What is the income sources of plus token?
Answer: Firstly, intelligent brick arbitrage gain; Second, transaction fee; Third, PLUS token price increase income. Fourth, exchange and games income. Fifth, miners’ fees and more.

24. What types of crypto currency you need address tag during transfer process? What are the notes on the transfer to the outgoing address label?
Answer: XRP Ripple and EOS.  Deposit XRP into the plus token wallet address need tag. The Tag is: 111111. Plus token transferred out to external wallet or exchanges, the tag is NOT 111111. You need to follow the external exchange instruction provided by them. On the other hand, EOS either transfer in or out, you need to fill up  address tag as required. Follow those exchanges instruction.

25, Plus token total team performance settlement time? What is the bonus time?
Answer: Settlement time at 00:00–3:00am Singapore time (GMT+8) and the bonus distribution time will be paid after 14:00 Singapore time GMT+8 in the afternoon. If system upgrading process ongoing, payment will be delay few hours. Please be patient.

26. What is the date of the global blockchain conference roadshow and Plus token conference first held in Seoul, Korea? The date of the Plus token roadshow and the global blockchain conference held in Hong Kong?
Answer: July 1-2, 2018, August 25, 2018

27, Plus token debut in the United States New York Times Square billboard date, and debut in Beijing Zhongguancun giant screen billboard date?
Answer: August 21, 2018, August 24, 2018

28. What is the date of plus token officially announced the global start-up meeting at the official global blockchain conference held in Jeju Island, South Korea?
Answer: September 14, 2018

29. Beijing Time, October 24, 2018, China Entrepreneur Brand Economic Summit held jointly by China Brand Economic Research Institute and Xiou Network, CCO Media, CCTV and hundreds of media, live broadcast platforms and cooperation institutions was successfully held in Beijing. What is the award given to PLUS TOKEN for the value and integrity of this summit?
Answer: 2018 annual blockchain most influential top ten brands overseas Award.