Plus token mortgage

Dear all

Plus toke already enable mortgage Plus coin financing. You can go to your app and click profile page then click “coin blend” icon. The mortgage details stated in the app. You can transfer your Plus token with the below steps:

  1. Click “Transfer¬† asset” icon.. Choose “transfer from exchange to mortgage account”. Note: exchange here means your plus app wallet, not pstoex exchange.
  2. Key in transfer amount.(Quantity of Plus token).
  3. Click transfer

Borrow coin (ratio 1 : 0.6):

  1. Click “borrow coin” icon.
  2. Choose how many days the mortgage period. Different interest rate.
  3. Input mortgage amount
  4. Choose borrow coin type : EOS, XRP or BTC
  5. Click ok

Transfer back to Plus wallet:

  1. After you get the coin you borrow, you must transfer back to Plus wallet.
  2. Click transfer asset,
  3. Choose transfer from mortgage account to exchange account. (Note: exchange account means your Plus wallet account Not pstoex. After transfer to plus wallet, you can transfer out to any place you like.

Thats it. Note: Ratio 1 : 0.6 means you will get 60% of the value of the coin you borrow.