The 2.4.1 version online Notification

1. Thanks to all the users around the world for your patience. The 2.4.1 version will be launched at 14:00 on May 16th, Singapore time. With the increase in the number of global users and the continuous improvement of the ecosystem, the 2.4.1 version has made great improvement in terms of data security and user experience.

2. The convertibility feature of the 2.4.1 version of the wallet adds PLUS to XRP and PLUS to EOS based on the original PLUS to ETH. However, from the perspective of the integrity and long-term value of the entire plus Token ecosystem, it is recommended that all users transfer PLUS to the PsEx exchange for currency trading and OTC over-the-counter trading (OTC will be launched soon), which will not only increase the trading activity of the PsEx trading platform, but also allow all users to get more bonuses from trading commissions. In order to give play of a greater value in the entire ecosystem of the PsEx trading platform, in the later planning, the platform will close the built-in PLUS convertibility function of the wallet. It is recommended that all users be familiar with and get used to the operating rules of the PsEx trading platform in advance. At the same time, the PsEx trading platform will also continue to improve and optimize, striving for offering the users the best experience.

3. The updated contents of the 2.4.1 version of the BTC decentralization function section are as follows:

①Increase support for isolated witness (ie, the upgraded version of the wallet address in the BTC block network, “normal” is the original version of the wallet address in the BTC block network). The users can freely choose two versions for use, but what they should pay attention to is to confirm if the assets are interoperable or not.

② Support BTC transfer to the detailed record page of the transfer record, TXID query and block query.

③Support BTC multi-address function, support import or export assets in the form of mnemonic word or private key.

4、Solemnly remind all the users:

①When using BTC decentralize wallet, be sure to record and back up your mnemonic word and private key in the first time. If there is any risk of assets caused by the leakage of the mnemonic or private key, no organization or individual can find it. Back, even they have no ability to be responsible for your assets.

② After registering the plus Token wallet, be sure to perform real-name authentication in the first time, and conduct mobile phone and email authentication. At the same time, it is recommended to initiate Google authentication, and immediately set the login verification and transfer verification to be the authentication method that conforms with your own habits.

plus Token team

May 16, 2019